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The Importance of Lead Paint Inspection

Older homes are more likely to contain lead-based paint

Before being banned, lead-based paint was commonly used in commercial buildings, homes, apartments, government structures, and even childcare facilities. Initially, lead was an additive that played a significant role in making paints more durable, brighter, and shiny. Based on research, lead can be classified as a neurotoxin. Therefore, exposure to lead is linked to abnormalities and chronic health issues in both adults and children. For instance, lead can cause memory loss and high blood pressure in adults. On the other hand, lead can cause learning and behavioral issues in children. Structures that were built prior to 1978 have higher odds of having lead-based paints. Therefore, lead paint inspection helps determine whether lead paint is present prior to renting, renovating, or purchasing a home. Below is the importance of lead paint inspection:

1. Protects Your Family’s Health

Based on science, exposure to high lead levels may lead to brain damage, fertility problems, headaches, anemia, liver problems, kidney damage, and general body weakness. An effective lead inspection helps you determine whether you need professional remediation services or not. The main objective of the lead inspection is to ensure your family is fully protected. Suppose you’re planning to renovate your property. In that case, a lead inspection is a key to protecting both your family members and the contractors because they’re at a greater risk of inhaling toxic lead substances.

2. Boost Your Property’s Value

As previously mentioned, most homes which were built before 1978 are likely to contain lead paint. This is because lead was used in not only paints but also cosmetic products. By the time lead was abolished, it was too late for numerous homes. However, there isn’t an issue if the lead paint hasn’t peeled, cracked, or chipped. But if the paint is exposed and the problem isn’t addressed, your home’s value will decrease significantly. This is because potential home buyers will opt for a lead inspection session before buying the property. If you suspect some cases of lead-based paint in your home, schedule a lead paint inspection before pursuing remediation.

3. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your property, whether residential or commercial, is a source of lead can be stressful. Therefore, it’s important to schedule a lead paint inspection to help you fix the problem.

4. It’s the Law!

New York City has recently introduced new laws regarding lead-based paint. The main objective was to close loopholes that endanger children and increase protection for pregnant women and the general public from lead poisoning.

The most significant change is that XRF LEAD PAINT Inspections are now required for ALL Units: Local Law 31 of 2020 – Effective August 9, 2020.

5. Prevent Liability

Issues Since lead-based paint was banned, it’s crucial to ensure you abide by the rules and regulations governing areas, such as property renovation. It’s essential to ensure you do your due diligence because you’ll become accountable if someone suffers from lead poisoning due to your negligence. In addition, before inviting contractors, ensure that a professional lead paint inspection is done.


Professional lead-based paint inspections are important because they play a key role in protecting your family’s safety and health. Additionally, this process will help you improve your property’s value and avoid legal issues.

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