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Why Plant a Tree?

Since the beginning, trees symbolize fertility, wisdom, culture, and life across the world. Therefore, planting trees plays a significant role in improving the environment. Based on science, a healthy tree provides various necessities: tools, shelter, medicine, oxygen, and food. Planting and maintaining a tree might be time consuming, but it’s worth it, especially during the

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The Importance of Lead Paint Inspection

Before being banned, lead-based paint was commonly used in commercial buildings, homes, apartments, government structures, and even childcare facilities. Initially, lead was an additive that played a significant role in making paints more durable, brighter, and shiny. Based on research, lead can be classified as a neurotoxin. Therefore, exposure to lead is linked to abnormalities

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Materials Used In The Past, That Have Proven To Be Hazardous Today

In the past, hazardous materials were mainly considered acute hazards, which posed immediate health risks to the public. However, as human health concerns have increased, non-acute hazards have taken center stage.  In the 1970s, Congress passed the Superfund Act, which required the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to report all releases of specific environmental contaminants. In

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